Gideon Games

Gideon Games is a small game studio founded in 2020. Our goal is to honour God through making games that are both fun to play and that have a compelling story. What we want to convey above all else through our games, is that there is Someone who cares for everyone and who gave His life to save us. Currently we're working on Shepherd. Click here to get more information.

About the team

Nathan: Game developer with a mission

My name is Nathan. In 2020 I have graduated as a game developer. My dream for the game industry is that gamers will be moved by what they are seeing, playing and hearing in games and that their lives will be changed by the message that resonates throughout the game. I believe the message from the Bible is capable of doing so, since there is no book that has had a greater impact on earth and because personally no other source has influenced me in a better way than the words of this book have done.

During my study game development I have started creating the first game that should embody my vision: Shepherd. In 2020 I have paused working on Shepherd for a while to create Teenstreet Life Runner, an AR multiplayer game made for a christian youth organization called Teenstreet. This game will most likely soon be used for some of their events. If I start working on a project it is because I believe there is a need for it and because I believe that I may honour God in making it. This is why I pursue high quality in the games that I make and why I pursue integrity and sincere attention for the people I work with.

Daniël: Game Artist looking for 'Juice'

Greetings! I am Daniël. A retro game loving and coffee chugging pixel enthousiast. Graduated with a degree in both Game Design and Development and Game Art. I see myself as a someone with a cross-functional expertise in game art, animation and game design. Always trying to blend and weave those three concepts together. Where design influences art, the art drives the motion of the animation and the motion creates new design possibilities.

My personal strive for games has always been to make them feel good whilst playing first. To make the actions from the player impactful and reactionary in the games I create. Creating a so called 'Juicy' game a player can sink their 'teeth' into.

Arjanna: Writer/artist/creative talent

Hi! My name is Arjanna. Currently I am working as a history teacher and at the same time I am working as an illustrator for my own small start-up.

My role in the Shepherd team is to help with brainstorming and writing the story of Shepherd. Another part I am helping with is the artstyle. I absolutely love to do this, because I love telling stories (I do this all the time as a history teacher). A typical thing about me is that I tend to think visually. This helps me to really envision the story as a game, allthough I am not a gamer at all. Nevertheless, I consider myself quite an experienced Shepherd player right now, because I am married to Nathan and therefore he asks me to test a part of the game every week.

Yorick: Game Audio Designer

My name is Yorick. In 2020 I have graduated as a sound designer. Within the work as sound designer I have a huge passion for the art of foley.

Foley is the reproduction of sound effects that are added to film, tv, animation and games. These reproduced sounds, named after sound effects artist ‘Jack Foley’, can be anything from the swishing clothing and footsteps to squeeky doors and rattling chains.

Shepherd is a story that feels very personal and inspiring. I want to enhance the storytelling of this story by working with a focus on foley.