Vision and Mission


Nathans inspiration for Gideon Games developed due to two sources: the bible... and the stories of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis.

In the Narnia chronicles, Lewis tells about the core of the gospel in a creative new way. Through these fiction books he told millions of people the good news. Nowadays there a many fiction books and movies that tell about the gospel, but one medium is still quite undiscovered: Games.

That is unfortunate because games can be a perfect medium to tell about the gospel. With the art, texts, music and playing involved, games are a good medium to tell stories and to engage players with the story that is told.

Gamers are also a group of people that isn't reached easily through other kinds of evangelism. Hardcore gamers live on their own, sometimes quite secluded from society. Gideon Games wants to reach out to this people and wants to tell the good news in a compelling way that is appealing to them.

The name 'Gideon Games' is based on a biblical character named Gideon who had to win a war with a very small army. He succeded only with the help of God. Gideon Games has the same vision: we want to tell the Gospel through games with a small group of developers and artists and only with the help of God.


  • Our goal is to honour God through making games that are both fun to play and that have a compelling story.
  • What we want to convey above all else through our games, is that there is Someone who cares for everyone and who gave His life to save us.
  • We want to tell the good news to gamers