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Gideon Games is a small game company that works a lot on a voluntary basis. The game business is a hard industry, because only after years of work, when a game is finished, you can see the results and can earn some profit. Especially for the project Shepherd that we are now working on, we working on a totally voluntary basis. The teammembers have a parttime job and work for Shepherd in the time they have left. Therefore we hope for your support. By you support we can work more often at the game and we can release this story about the Good Shepherd and touch the heart of gamers with the Gospel.

You can help us by becoming a Patreon. Patreons are not only important because of their financial support, but they also get some special extra information about the game and can even sometimes decide about little parts of the game. Find out more about Patreon by clicking on the button below.